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Warehousing Services


The First Step Towards Making Your Life Easier.....

Whether you require our EAN-Way capabilities or not, we can help lighten your load. Many companies outgrow their premises and require a new warehouse. Instead of increasing costs and moving, why not use a third party warehouse to take care of your stock, reducing costs and headaches.

We are able to provide warehousing for quite a variety of situations. Companies requiring short term space for seasonal goods. Companies wanting to rid themselves of the headaches of running their own warehouse. Companies just beginning and not wanting to outlay the initial costs involved with setting up a warehouse. We can save you from ever needing a warehouse of your own again.

What We Can Do For You

We have the ability to de-stuff containers and are able to process a number of containers at once.

Once containers are processed, we can sort your goods and store it for you. We have over 10,000 pallet spaces available. Food, clothing, car accessories, raw materials, electrical goods, we can sort and store almost anything.

We are also able to print and affix a large range of labels to your goods. whether you need a basic price label, an ingredients label or a company label, we can print them out in any quantity and affix them to your goods for you. We are not limited to printing for our own site either, we can just as easily print labels and send them to customers who look after their own stock.

And as any self respecting 3rd party warehouse should be able to do, we can take care of basic assembly of goods and arranging goods into packs. Seeing as our business has its roots in lighting manufacturing, we are quite familiar with assembly lines.


To find out more about our warehousing solutions or to organize a meeting to discuss possibilities, please call or email Richard on 03 9786 7007 or richard@a3logistics.net


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