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Picking Packing Services And Distribution


Getting Your Goods Into Stores.....

A large portion of our resources have always been dedicated to picking and packing. We are quite familiar with handling fragile goods from our years in the lamp business and also from our dealings with more recent customers.

Our pick & pack facilities and staff are accurate, efficient and reliable, even without the aid of EDI scan pack verification systems if your stock does not need to go through an EDI system. We can get your stock into stores with ease, and relieve the stress of running your own pick & pack operation.

If you prefer to hold your stock in your own facility and just need EAN-Way capabilities, we can receive stock and process it quickly for you. If you need your stock stored and then picked and packed, we can take care of it for you. We are here to help make your life easier, and take away the stress of managing and running a pick and pack operation of any size.


To find out more about our picking and packing solutions or to organize a meeting to discuss possibilities, please call or email Richard on 03 9786 7007 or richard@a3logistics.net



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