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A3 Logistics

A3 Logistics is Australia's best choice for 3rd party logistics, scan packing and EDI services, plus pick and pack. With 14 years experience in the trade and varied clients, both local and overseas, we have the know-how to get your stock processed and into store. We have a solution for almost any situation and we pride ourselves on being flexible enough to work with everyone.

How Can We Help?

We are able to take care of your stock from the dock to the store and everything in between, working closely with freight companies and storage companies to provide you with a full service from A to Z.

  • Container Unloading

  • Stock Sorting

  • Palletizing

  • Storage

  • Stock Management

  • Picking and Packing

  • Australia Wide Distribution

Where we really excel and break away from the majority of other 3rd party logistics companies, is our EDI Scan packing facilities. Most retailers these days require suppliers to trade with them electronically, this can be as simple as just receiving orders via the EDI system or as complex as receiving orders, sending changes, scan packing and ASN dispatch. We have been accredited with most of the major Australian chains and are able to create new partnerships when needed.

Whether you're shipping a 20 unit order or a 20,000 unit order, our systems and staff are geared up to accommodate your needs. And with our experience in the field, we have dealt with many and varied clients, large, small, interstate and overseas; we will have a solution for you and we are always competitive.

Where To Start

If you are new to the process, we suggest you have a quick look through our What Is EDI page and the Myer Electronic Trading website. If you will be dealing with any of the other retailers, have a look through our Services pages for a more detailed overview of what we do, or cut straight to the chase and Contact us so we can talk you through it.

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